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Family of Faith – John Ecker, Director

My name is John Ecker and I’m Director of Campaign Communications for the Archdiocese of Toronto’s Family of Faith campaign.  The campaign is a major fundraising effort to raise at least $105 million from the 225 parishes serving the 1.9 Roman Catholics in the archdiocese.

With such a huge undertaking, I knew the volume of materials we would require would be massively large. Print Three at 4025 Yonge Street in Toronto was one of several suppliers invited to respond to a Request for Proposals to handle the vast majority of the print collateral.  Mr. Stephen Dugal, long known to the archdiocese as a very reliable print supplier was our contact. Needless to say, Print Three received the contract for the work and has been with us printing a wide range of print collateral. So far, we are about one-third through the campaign— and we’ve raised almost $50 million.

The purpose of my writing you at this time is to support the nomination of Paul Dugal as Manager of the Year in your Print Three family.

One of the reasons that I awarded the contract to Print Three was because, despite the high volumes of our materials, I knew that running the campaign would require ‘mass customization.’  So, while large runs of materials that required offset printing were facilitated by Print Three working with another print partner, lower volume work and fulfillment involving 225 parishes is being handled by Print Three.

This is where Paul comes in.  Paul has been the heart and soul of our parish mailing campaigns.  Each parish has two waves of letters to between 1,000 and 3,000 unique addresses.  We supply the data and Paul has been magically pulling it all together in wave after wave.  The work is being performed at a very high standard.  The production timelines are respected.  Paul has, more than once, caught anomalies and issues that, had he not been the curious type or really cared about us a client, could have easily ‘assumed’ that what he saw was what we wanted. Paul has more than once called me for various ‘clarifications’ that were really his catching my error.  So, he’s a diplomat as well as possessing a keen eye for detail!

Yes, Paul is very diligent in his work. But he brings more to the table than just a solid competence. He brings a certain calm to the work that is a real pleasure to see.  Nothing seems to distress him—no matter how unforgiving some of our requirements and deadlines have been.

I have no regrets giving the contract to Print Three.  The Family of Faith campaign is a huge undertaking that is comprised of hundreds of smaller tasks and print jobs.  Print Three has proven time and again that my decision was correct. Paul’s mastery of the details, his inquisitive nature and sheer competence at what he does has been most appreciated.

I have worked with dozens of print supplier over the past thirty years.  I know a gem when I see one.  Paul’s a gem and he deserves your recognition as a recipient of Manager of the Year.


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